Singer – Songwriter – Producer – Performer

Raw & gritty vocals mixed with Southern Rock, Blues, Country, Americana and Folk.

Bald and bearded artist, Konstantin Alexander, just released his single “Long Dark Road”. The song, like much of Konstantin’s music, is relatable and deeply personal. When not with his family, Konstantin continues to tour while writing, recording and releasing new music from his Austin-based full production studio.

Konstantin has performed in many of the world’s premier venues, including Stubbs, Bangers, House of Blues, The Walt Disney Concert Hall and The Hotel Café. He has performed for thousands and has shared the stage with Grammy-winning artists such as Sara Bareilles, Sara and Shawn Watkins, and Shawn Colvin. Additionally, he has performed for companies such as Space X, Hewlett-Packard, Samsung, Panasonic, Verkada, Tecovas, Productboard and many others.

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